Pray, breathe, and stretch as far in each direction as possible. Consult a physicial before beginning Proga or any exercise program.

Proga, a trademark of the More Love Movement, is a simple exercise of Prayer + Yoga.

As you pray (praise, thanksgiving, confession, intercession, petition and listening), stretch--those are the only rules.  Silence and stretching.  Try it for two weeks.  It will make a difference in your life and health.  We would love to hear your Proga stories and see your Proga pics.  Feel free to share them with us at and or

Consult a physcian before beginning Proga or any other exercise program.



Jesus loves you.  Accept Him today as your personal Lord and Savior!  If you have already given your life to Christ, please print and or share this page.  We are trying to win the whole world for Jesus! 

Unity, Order and Faith! 

Please contact me with any prayer requests and or praise reports!  God answers prayer!



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