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You may order my three latest books three ways: (the links are listed below) or over 70 other on-line bookstores; at my Face Book page/Virtual Bookstore:  http.//; or by calling Bookmasters:  1-800-247-6553.  All E-books are available at and For direction and booking queries:


Peaches:  A Womanist Interpretation of Finding Peace, Overcoming Peril and Tapping Power. Scheduled release date:  2018.


P15 Pass Book:  America's Passport for Unity. 2015. Lovelight International Press. 

Print/PB:  978-0-9980011-0-4; ePub:  978-0-9677019-9-8; ePDF:  978-0-9677019-8-1.

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The Silver Anniversary Collection:  Poetry for Peace, Power and Love. 2014.  Lovelight International Press.  Available now at and over 70 on-line bookstores.

Print/PB:  978-0-9677019-3-6; ePub:  97809677019-6-7; ePDF:  9780967


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Occupy Your Mind with Dr. Thinkenshine:  An Alphabetized Discussion Guide for Young People and Those Who Love Them.  2012.  Lovelight International Press.  Available now on this site, at over 70 on-line bookstores.

Prin/PBt:  978-0-9677019-2-9; ePub: 978-0-9677019-4-3; ePDF:  978-0-9677019-5-0;

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Dream House:  Eight Steps to the Peace and Joy You Deserve. 2000.  Lovelight International Press.

Print/PB: 0-9677019-1-0


Showers of Bliss:  Your Portable Paradise of Inspiration and Hope. 2000.  Lovelight International Press.

Print/PB: 09677019-0-2


Rebulding the Wall:  21st Century Womanist and Inspirational Poetry.  1994.  Publishing Connections. 


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