P15 Pass Book:  America's Passport for Unity

The P15 Pass Book:  America's Passport for Unity will be released 12.15.15. 

The ISBN for the hard copy is:  978-0-9980011-0-4. 

EPDF:  978-0-9677019-8-1

EPub:  978-0-9677019-9-8

It will be available at Amazon.com and over 70 other online bookstores.  For reviews, direction, bulk orders and signing information:  otowtrainers@gmmail.com.  Lovelight International Press  Post Office Box 6085  Roanoke, VA 24017. 

The holiday gifting and pre-launch reception will be held at the Community Action Center, 1427 Melrose Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24017, Tuesday, December 15, 2015. The official launch of the book and e-book will be January 15, 2016.

About the P15 Pass Book

"Judi Love and her courageous fellow students at Hampton recognized the wrong of Apartheid...and they decided to lift their voices against evil.  Now we have this wonderful book, The P15 Pass Book, leading us on a way to freedom here in our nation and freedom within ourselves...teaching us to love.  What a wonderful experience."  Nikki Giovanni, Poet


"Thank you, Rev. Dr. Judi Love Bowman (aka Dr. Thinkenshine), for giving the world a portable classroom for the principles of abundant life..." Rev. Amy Ziglar, Pastor, Mt. Zion AME Church; National Marketing Director, The More Love Movement


"This powerful, personal guide will make the reader think and want to change the world..."  Dr. Victor Q. Banks, Social Scientist; Founder, Melrose Athletic Club, Inc.


"This guide has the potential to be transformative.  It can be implemented at a micro-level witihin families, households, communities, and perhaps more broadly.  While ameliorating the troubles that this nation has been through is grandiose, this guide provides the first steps towards brotherly-like ethos.  I recommend anyone in any profession to read this passport to unity."  Ollie Howie, Founder, "My Brother's Keeper" Club


"...Dr. Judi Bowman's book makes such impressive senst that one has to believe that its clarity, command of the facts and concern for justice will garner greater support for 'more love' as a common and noble cause in the 21st century". Dr. Jewel Tankard, The Millionairess Workbook, The Jewel Tankard Show


"Powerful. Insightful...This call to action is needed."  Laurie Dickerson, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororitiy, Inc.


"The P15 Pass Book is a powerful little book..."  Brenda Keeling, Treasurer, SCLC (Roanoke, VA)


"Rev. Dr. judi Love bowman, with persuasion, purpose, and passion has done it again!...I am pleased that God is using her...she climbed, chronicled, and continues in the cause."  Rev. Cedric Malone, Pastor, Greater Mt. Zion Baptist Church; Chaplain, Roanoke (VA) City Jail




Jesus loves you.  Accept Him today as your personal Lord and Savior!  If you have already given your life to Christ, please print and or share this page.  We are trying to win the whole world for Jesus! 

Unity, Order and Faith! 

Please contact me with any prayer requests and or praise reports!  God answers prayer!




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