OTOW (On Top of the World Trainers), established in 1999 is an holistic development firm which specializes in:


media and public appearance training

life coaching

graduation coaching  (USA. UK, China and Africa)

ghost writing


qualitative research

quantitative research

conference hosting

keynote addresses*


*dr. judi, the author of 6 books who earned 3 degrees from Harvard (one from Hampton, an historically black college [HBCU]) is a college Mom, homemaker, wife and has been a professional speaker with the NSA (National Speakers Association)  since 1999.  She served as "author in residence" at Hampton University and would be delighted to consult with you about a book you may want to write.  Is there a book inside of you?  Aftert he release of each of my books, the most common question is, "Where do you start with writing a book?"  Although we offer consulations services, through OTOW Trainers, I offer the following points for a good start.  If you are interested, kindly contact usf or a consulation:  otowtrainers@gmail.com

First Steps for the New Author:

1.  Write or Google the Library of Congress.  Copyright your material to protect your intellectual property. (Once you have an origiinal idea)

2.  Free write or make a conceptual framework.

3.  Make an outline.

4.  Determine if you want to release your book in one or each of the current forms:  print, ePUb oand or ePDF.

5.  Write (without editing).

6.  Edit/Proof.

7.  Purchase an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for each version of the book you plan to produce. You will need to purchase a bar code for the print version.

8.  Find a printer you trust and ask for a proposal.

9.  For e-only authors, you may wish to learn more about Amazon.com and their offerings.

10.  Write!

I wish you the best.  I read somewhere where 81% of people want to write a book; and only 1% actually do.  If you have a book inside of you, we would be delighted to serve you at OTOW Trainers and Lovelight International Press.




Some of My Most Popular Meetings and Services include:


Survey of the Old Testament;

Survey of the New Testament;

Sex and the Bible;


Miracles of the Bible;

Women of the Bible Working Wonders;

Forgiveness and Healing;

The Areas of Prayer and the Power of Prayer;

Training a Child; Honing a Conscience;

Public Preaching Tutorial (inspired by the late Rev. Prof. Peter Gomes of Harvard College);


On Top of the World (OTOW) Trainers (established, 1999), Corporate, Non-Profit and Individual Consulting and Coaching;

"Seeds of Greatness" Life Coaching;

Media and Public Appearance Training;

Sales Coaching;

Ethical Practices in Business;

Understanding your BATNA in any Negotiating Situation;

Tapping into Your Potential;

The Interview Seminar;


"Seeds of Greatness" Graduatioin Coaching"

Moving from Coursework to the Doctoral Dissertation;

College Admissions (dr. judi's father was Dean of Admissions at Hampton University for 30 years);

College Essays and Personal Statements;

The Contribution of Historically Black Colleges to Higher Education;

Community Power, Decision-Making and Education;

Teacher Appreciation and Motivation Day;

"The Reparation Tour";

The P15 (Project 15) Tour (please see "P15" tab);


The Invitation to Christian Discipleship;

"Seeds of Greatness" Life Coaching;

The P15 (Project 15) Tour;

Eating to Give God Glory;

Peace in the Midst of a Storm;

The Power of Prayer;

Proga (Prayer, Silence and Yoga);

"More Love" After Dark (Holistic Development Series for Mature Audiences);


Sex and The Bible;

The Bible:  The Best Sex Manual Ever!

"Fizzle the Sizzle" (A session for young people and their parents, first presented at The Greater Allen Cathedral in Jamaica Plains, NY in 1997);

Stewardship and Sexuality;

Premarital Sessions;

Christ-centered weddings;

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage;


Allowing Your Child to "Be"/Recognizing Multiple Intelligences;

Bullying:  Inside and Outside the Home;

Public and Private Sessions with "Dr. Thinkenshine" herself!;

"Mommy and Daddy, Teach me how to get into heaven...and Harvard";

The First Three Years of Life:  Breast milk, Brain Development and Being a "Conscious" Parent;

The Meaning of Discipline;

Getting Rid of the "Parent Guilt";

Attachment Parenting (Attaching, Creating Stability and Detaching);

Being Present with Your Child...for 18 Years and Beyond;

Children and Divorce;

Parenting Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Gender Queer and Questioning Children in America;

Children and Media (inspired by Harvard Professor and a co-founder of Children's Television Network, Gerry Lesser);


Publishing Services, (Lovelight International Press, established in 1999);



Validity Checks;


ISBN assignments;

The Poetry Workshop (inspired by personal tutorials with Gwendolyn Brooks and James Baldwin);

Qualitative Research:  Data Collection (including the development of survey instruments), Coding and Analysis;





Jesus loves you.  Accept Him today as your personal Lord and Savior!  If you have already given your life to Christ, please print and or share this page.  We are trying to win the whole world for Jesus! 

Unity, Order and Faith! 

Please contact me with any prayer requests and or praise reports!  God answers prayer!




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